Owner's communities played in the career of Manfred Hofer always a big role, quite directly after his career end as a Jockey Manfred founded in 1997/98 the first Turfsyndikat and operated with this system the following years very successfully.
The principle of an owner's community is relatively easy, there are mostly one or two people who lead the whole one and bring in movement, there must always be somebody who manages everything, finances, horses, sales of the shares.
Then there are the so-called shareholders who can acquire a portion in an owner's community. These can be people from the racing sport or also "the quite normal" people who have not really a lot of notion of the gallop racing sport. The aim of such an owner's community is same it to give an understanding of the racing sport to inexperienced people and to inspire them for it. This is tried to reach, while one offers to them a portion in one or several racing horses, depending on how many horses are in the possession of this community, and they by with have a fever on one racing day if own Schützling runs, and the steady development which one experiences with the sensitive living beings which recognise many ups and downs, the fascination and support the racing sport furthermore.
Since if one is certain, that the racing sport can be held only by always new people and prospective customers straight. So Manfred also tries over and over again to inspire new people for the racing sport, it is as an owner, sponsor or breeder. If they are interested in a portion in an owner's community, they can take any time with Manfred Hofer Kontakt on! (See contact)